Product Introduction

Food Packaging Containers

Bespack's clean and safe products give you a secure eating lifestyle.
As the interest about foods is increasingly growing, "safety" is becoming the most important keyword in the field of foods. Under the circumstances, we have advanced the expansion of cleanrooms in the factory in order to produce safe and clean products.
We are producing high-barrier food containers as well as long shelf-life containers and easy-to-use containers.
Sheet-molded products Original products  Sheet and lid materials for moliding

Medical Packaging Containers 

Our medical packaging containers are highly hygienic and safe.
The facilities, equipped with high-quality cleanrooms that meet the environmental standard of ISO 7 class, produce medical products, managed correctly through high quality control. We produce medical packages of high quality that is an indispensable factor in the fields. We will continue to supply medical packages as a secure partner, satisfying customers' demands.
Medical Packaging Containers  

Industrial Packages

Bespack's industrial packages feature high-added values and high quality.
Using package-related technologies that have been developed over years, the industrial package department provides high-quality plastic products, which are made from wide range of plastics, from common plastics to high functional plastics. We provide products suitable for industrial use, combining plastic materials and package-related technologies at best.
Industrial Packages  

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