Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Functional resins and various molded products
We deal with high quality plastic products that are made from adequate combination of common plastics and high functional plastics.

When we receive customers' requirements, we research materials and check out how to mix them at the suitable rate and how to form film layers suitable for customers' purposes. We provide functional resins, film, and molded products for the wide range of industries, from the electronic parts industry to the nuclear industry.

Dealing items:Polyolefin (PE, PP, EVA), PVC, PS, PET, ABS, PC, Recycling Resin

Blue light cut LED tube

Upper Part:Blue Light Cut
Under Side:Blank

Semi Conductor line Ceiling Tube
Upper Part:Orange Clear
Under Side:Orange Milky

LED Lighting Plastic Cover
LED lighting has been infiltrate various markets in Asian countries.
BESPACK Corporation developed new business of LED lighting apparatus, which are utilized as a plastic lighting tube covers.
Through our fine compound know how with special dyes blending technology, we are able to give special optical characteristics to luminous environment of white LED light sources.
Besides, fine plastic molding is perfectly applied on extrusion molding process of polycarbonate resin.
By the collaboration with a domestic lighting apparatus supplier, we propose LED lighting tubes.

Target market plan
◎School classroom white lighting tube
 Possibly cut blue light peak energy.
 Irradiance of peak wavelength 450nm dropped more
 than 40%. compared with a blank cover..
◎Semi conductor manufacturing process
 Ceiling light tube which eliminate luminous wavelength
 less than 500nm.
 Blue light cut LED tube

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