Adherence to High Quality

Inspection Instruments

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR)

FT-IR measures properties of organic materials (mainly, sheets and films) at a spot where laser light is applied.

  • Analysis of unknown material
  • A measured sample is identified with our library (data collection)
  • Adding to the library
  • Materials used in the production line, such as felt pen, tape and bag, are measured and added to the library, enabling wide range of analysis.

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

The UV-visible absorbance measuring method measures a rate of absorption of light from 200 to 800 nanometers. It identifies material, examines purity of material, and performs quantitative analysis.

Atomic Absorption Photometer

The atomic absorption method utilizes phenomenon that atom absorbs light of specific wavelength. It uses a hollow cathode lamp as a light source that emits light of wavelength specific to an atom. By measuring amount of absorbed light, a density of atom is found.

Equipments for Quality Control

Biological microscope Analysis of film layer
Microtome Preparing of a sample
Strograph measurement of seal strength
Precision balance Preparing of reagent 
Microscope Product evaluation, examining fine particles
Water bath Endotoxin test
Thermostatic bath Culturing of microorganism
FT-IR Analysis of foreign matters
Dry heat sterilizer Endotoxin test

Equipments for Pharmacopeia Test

Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer Eluted material test
Atomic absorption photometer Lead, Cadmium test
Dryer Drying of test apparatus,Test of residue on evaporation
Fume hoods Ashing test
Muffle furnace Ashing test
Clean bench Microbial test
Small preparing sterilization test equipment Product evaluation
Autoclave Test apparatus
Eluted material test
PH meter PH test

Equipments for Environmental Control

Air sampler Airborne bacteria measurement
Particle counter Dust measurement

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